How to: Obtain a Human Resources Degree Online

One of the best ways to make more money in any field is to get an advanced degree. Human resources is definitely a field where this is possible, and many school offer master’s degree programs in this area. If you’re currently working in a human resources position, you can even go back to school for a master’s degree without quitting your day job. This is possible through online schooling. Getting your degree online couldn’t be easier.

Step One: Researching Online Schools

If you want to get a human resources degree online, your first step is to research the schools that have master’s degree programs in this area. While you can’t go on tours with online schools in the traditional sense, you can learn about the schools as much as possible and even “tour” by checking out some of the classes and seeing how the systems work. You should also talk to alumni, ask about financial aid options, and find out from currently students what things they like and dislike about their programs. The more you know about the online programs available, the better.

Step Two: Apply to your Favorite Programs

Applying to online programs is similar to applying to traditional brick and mortar schools. You’ll often need to write an entrance essay, as well as have letters of recommendation and submit scores from standardized tests. At this point, you also want to begin applying for financial aid, like scholarships and grants.

Step Three: Choose a Single Program

Once you’ve been accepted into some (hopefully all) of the schools to which you’ve applied, it is time to decide which program you want to attend. Narrow down your choices based on the characteristics you want most, as well as costs.

Step Four: Connect with Other Students and Professors

The world of human resources is all about working with other people. No matter what job you ultimate take after graduation, you’ll be in close contact with the people working for your company. Start honing your interpersonal skills now by keeping in close contact with your fellow students, as well as your professors. Just because you go to school online doesn’t mean that you can’t have a very hands-on learning experience. Communication is a foundation stone for success in human resources.

Step Five: Participate in Internships if Possible

If you currently work in a human resources department, your day job may not make it possible or even practical to do an internship. However, if you’re a full time student, talk to your professors to learn about your college’s help with finding real life internships in human resources. They look great on your resume and can sometimes turn into full time positions after you get your degree. If internships aren’t available, simply do your best in every class. The more you learn during your time in college, the better candidate you’ll be when you enter the workforce.

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