Masters in Human Resources Program Rankings

Getting a masters in human resources requires a lot of hard work and dedication, so it is important to pick a program that will help you meet you educational and career goals. If you want to look at specific program rankings, you can turn to resources like US News and World Report or Princeton Review, but often it is more important to evaluate what is important to you. Rank the programs you’re considering based on your personal preferences. Here are some of the characteristics that you may want to consider:


While the government doesn’t handle college accreditation, they do maintain a master list of all the accredited programs, including both online and traditional campus colleges. Most brick and mortar schools are accredited, but not every online school has this certification. While you can still get a good education at unaccredited schools in some cases, accreditation does weed out scams and diploma mills, as well as ensures that you’re getting the education you pay for. Many employers also won’t consider candidates who don’t have a degree from an accredited school, so your masters in human resources could mean nothing in the workforce if you don’t go to an accredited college.

Contact with Other Students

Human resources is a field that is all about working with people. Therefore, the top-ranking programs for this educational major will provide students with various forms of hands-on activities, often in conjunction with other students. Online, this is as important as it is offline. The best online programs will have chat rooms, forums, and other means for communicating with your fellow students (as well as professors).

Professors with Professional Experience

The top professors in the human resources field are those who have actually worked in human resources. Look for a college that offers classes taught by those with a wide range of professional experience. They’ll be able to teach not only the theory, but also application in real life situations. In addition, they’ll have a professional network of colleagues so they may be able to help you find a job after you graduate.

Financial Aid

Scholarships and grants are available through outside sources, but the best human resources programs also offer them directly to their students. College is expensive, and unless your employer is footing the bill for you to get your master’s degree, you’ll likely need some form of financial aid to pay for your education. Even online colleges should have financial aid departments to help you learn about scholarships and other options for students.

Alumni Networking

Lastly, the very best human resources programs will have extensive alumni networking opportunities. After you graduate, you’ll want to connect with others to find jobs, volunteer, and more. Colleges that don’t have programs for alumni may still provide a good education, but if you want to succeed after you have that piece of paper, networking is important.

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