Human Resource Management Degree Options

By getting an advanced degree in human resource management, you’ll qualify for jobs with higher salaries and better benefits. These jobs also come attached to more responsibilities, which often means a more fulfilling job that you enjoy, rather than a boring office job that you hate going to every day. There are countless career paths for human resource majors to take, and in part, your options depend on the kind of degree you get. Here are some of your education choices if you’re interested in an advanced degree in human resources:

MBA in Human Resources

The great thing about getting an MBA (masters of business administration) is that your core classes will prepare you for a career in business in general. You’ll take classes in marketing, management, accounting, finance, and more before also taking specialized classes in human resources. Because your education is more generalized, you’ll have more job opportunities open to you after you graduate, in case you can’t find a position in human resources. However, it also may mean that you have to work in your field for a number of years before qualifying for top human resources positions.

Masters of Management (MM) in Human Resources

Like an MBA in human resources, an MM is desirable because it is a more generalized type of educational program, focusing on management in all areas of business before offering students a few classes in human resources. This is a great educational option for students who want upper-level human resource jobs, but in order to enter these programs, you may need five to ten years of work experience.

Master of Science (MS) in Human Resource Management

MS programs, which can lead to PhD programs in human resources for students who want an even higher degree, are great for those who aspire to careers in academia or research. Both require a thesis project and may also cover topic areas like labor policy, law, and problem solving.

Other Programs with Specializations in Human Resources

There are other MS programs, as well as some MA programs that offer concentrations in human resources or human resources management. For example, you could get an MS in leadership with a specialization in human resource management. With any of these programs, the emphasis is not on human resources, so you’ll get a broad education, but some of your classes will focus specifically on human resources, which gives you a chance to learn more about your field in particular.

So which program is right for you? That depends on your ultimate career goals, as each program has something different to offer its students. Check out all of them that are offered to learn more about the differences you can expect and which education program will most closely set you up for a career that you’ll enjoy after you graduate.

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