A human resources professional needs to know a lot. In addition to understanding company policies and procedures, a human resources professional also needs to know some of the laws and policies surrounding employment. And there are a lot of them. If you are looking for information about different topics related to work and HR, you can look online for some great resources.

Indeed, the Internet can be a great place to look for information — as long as you verify that it comes from a reputable source. If you have questions related to human resources, you can have them answered with a little help from the Internet. Here are 20 useful Q & A sites for human resources professionals:

Employee Benefits

If you have questions about employee benefits, you can turn to the following web sites. They will help you find answers to questions about personal leave, health insurance and what happens to benefits after someone leaves employment.

  1. Retirement And Health Care Coverage: This helpful resource from the United States Department of Labor can help you understand health care coverage after retirement. Helpful as you explain options to older workers.
  2. Retirement Plans, Pension and Social Security: FindLaw.com offers this great resource. Get your questions about retirement planning, pensions and Social Security answered. Plenty of additional resources are provided.
  3. A Q&A on the CLASS Act: Help employees better understand their options with long-term care and understand the results of the CLASS Act. A great resource from Employee Benefit News.
  4. FederalSoup.com: Have your questions about federal benefits answered. This is aimed at current and retired federal employees. If you are a human resources professional interested in having your questions about these types of benefits answered, this is a great site.
  5. Fox & Fox: If you have questions about benefits, and providing benefits plans, you can go to this consultant web site to learn more. Find out about cash benefit plans, welfare benefit plans, pensions and more.
  6. Compensation and Working Conditions: The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a great guide on compensation benefits, as well as other issues. Find answers to your questions with help from this great resource.
  7. Retirement Pension Plans: Get the basics with this great overview of retirement plans. Looks at laws affecting pension plans, and lets you know what you need to make sure that you are in compliance with federal regulations.

Employment Law

For those who want a refresher in the rules governing hiring and firing, and other issues of employment law, such as sexual harassment, these Q & A web sites can be quite helpful.

  1. HR and Employment Law Topics: This resource is organized so it is easy to find answers to your questions about different topics in employment law. Perfect for professionals who want to be in compliance.
  2. Find It! By Topic: This is an awesome resource from the Department of Labor. Get all of your questions about employment law answered quickly. Helpful information on employment law from the government.
  3. Employment Law – Guide to Employment and Labor Law: If you are looking for help on employment law issues, you can go to this site. You can get help for questions of rights, discrimination, benefits, and more. It’s a great resource for HR professionals.
  4. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: The EEOC’s web site is a great resource if you are interested in employment law as it relates to hiring and discrimination. You can find answers to questions, and learn more about different requirements under the law. Get it from the source.
  5. Employment Laws: Get your questions answered about topics including sexual harassment, child labor, minimum wage, layoffs, discrimination and more. A helpful resource that lets you know what’s on the books. Includes sections on different state employment laws. You can even find forms related to different issues of employment.
  6. Employment Law Center: NOLO, the respected law web site, offers information for human resources professionals regarding employment law. Learn more about employment law topics, and have questions about different issues answered.
  7. Employment Law Information Network: Find answers to your questions about employment law. Get information aimed specifically at helping HR professionals, as well as the latest news related to employment law.
  8. LawMemo: Get the latest in employment law, and learn about the developments that will affect you as a HR professional. Get answers about different employment law cases in plain English that you can understand.

Workers Compensation

One of the most interesting subjects related to human resources is workers compensation. It can also be very difficult to understand and contain a number of twists and turns. Get your questions about workers compensation answered with the help of these web sites.

  1. Workers’ Compensation Law Questions and Answers: Head over to LawGuru and find answers to questions about workers compensation. Real lawyers answer your questions, and you can look through the answers others have received. Chances are, your question already has an answer.
  2. WorkersCompensation.com: You can learn more about workers compensation from this web site. Includes answers to questions about workers comp in different states, as well as forms and other information you might need. Plenty of ways to have your questions answered on this web site.
  3. Workers compensation: The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University provides an overview of workers compensation that can answer many of your questions. This great resource can be helpful in terms of the basics as you navigate your options and the issues that surround workers comp.
  4. Workers Compensation Law: If you want information about workers comp, you can get your questions answered at Legal Law Help. This site provides information on workers comp, as well as information related to other issues. A great resource if you are looking for more help on workers compensation.
  5. Workers’ Compensation: Learn about workers comp from a great About.com expert. You can get an overview of the law, and you can also get access to different resources that will help you answer questions about setting up a workers comp policy and more. A great place to start if you want to be up on workers compensation.

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