Working in human resources means invoking strategies and policies as they relate to the everyday management of individual employees. HR is responsible for organization, record-keeping, conduct management, employee benefits and other related daily tasks. If you’re interested in human resources and pursuing a related degree, it is helpful to learn how to attract, motivate and retain the best employees within an organization. Supplementing your education by researching other helpful and informative sites will offer you a more well-rounded understanding of the field. These excellent Q&A sites provide information about human resources in various environments such as in federal jobs, universities, and even abroad. Find out the ins and outs of this field from experts themselves.

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  1. Ask The HR Experts is a page presented by the Australian Human Resources Institute. AHRI is Australia’s national association representing human resource and people management professionals.
  2. Be a Storyteller: Tell Me About Your Career provides the first of three questions posed by Xhr/Xtreme Human Resources. Respondents provide their answers through various means, such as YouTube, email, Twitter (at 140 characters) or other creative means.
  3. Brent Hodgen, Human Resources Manager, has over 11 years of human resource experience. He answers questions about his job and his career in this page at QA Technologies.
  4. Drive Thru HR Radio Show: Trish McFarlane, a human resources professional with over 15 years of experience offers answer to questions posed by William Tincup and Bryan Wempen. They talk about about HRevolution, the HR Technology Conference, and what is going on in the world of business.
  5. FAQ – Human Resources (Safe Harbor) is a resource for any U.S. organization that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or U.S. air carriers and ticket agents subject to the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation (DoT).
  6. Frequently Asked Questions – Human Resources is a Transportation Security Administration tool for employees. However, it provides an interesting look into HR programs that are bounded by Federal job guidelines.
  7. Frequently Asked Interview Questions-HR Manager/Executive is formatted as a board where users ask questions and other users answer those questions. Currently, most questions deal with preparation for interviews as an HR manager or an executive.
  8. HR Interview Questions and Answers provides key questions that you may be asked in an interview for a human resources position such as “What are your goals” and “Can you work under pressure”.
  9. HR Interviews provides much of the same format as the previous link, but the questions are different, or posed differently. Questions include, “what are your greatest weaknesses” and “what are your career options right now”.
  10. HR Questions and Answers provides quick answers to frequently-asked HR questions through the Society for Human Resource Management. Use the resources freely available to learn more.
  11. Human Resources Manager

  12. HR Technology 2011 – Observations and Conclusions provides Mark Stelzner with a format to answer questions about the 14th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, what he calls “THE preeminent HR collective where actual business gets done.”
  13. HR University is the Federal Government’s “one stop” training resource center for the Federal HR professional. The questions concern how to complete courses with this resource.
  14. HRPCF Frequently Asked Questions [PDF] provides answers to the Human Resources Professional Career Framework.The HRPCF is a framework for HR professionals in any HR position across the entire enterprise (in the US and abroad) to map out their career path.
  15. Human Resources Articles, offered by Monster as advice to people who want to enter the field of HR, presents questions such as “Why would I want to work in HR?” and “What are the common HR career paths?”
  16. Human Resources is not formatted as a typical question-and-answer venue, but the author does answer questions such as: what is HR consulting and what are the prospects for an HR officer.
  17. Human Resources Career provides answers to questions such as: why enter human resources, what can you learn, and what a human resources career can grow into.
  18. Human Resources career? This site provides a number of answers to a page filled with questions about human resources careers and degrees.
  19. Human Resources Career Guide offers quite a few human resources-related questions. The questions are listed in the Web site’s vertical gray band on the left and down a bit. When they are clicked on, the answers appear at the top right of the website.
  20. Human Resources Management: HR FAQs, HR Basics, Strategic HR is’s resource for human resources management personnel. They offer special HR tools, special approaches to management, and access to professional Human Resources associations, education and publications.
  21. Human Resources

  22. Meet a Human Resources Manager: Deirdre Honner, an associate director of human resources at a college in Grand Rapids, Michigan, answers questions about why she got into human resources, what skills and education are needed, and what a typical day is like.
  23. Q&A: Personnel careers, presented by The Times Sunday edition online, questions Jessica Rolph, training and development adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, about career opportunities for graduates in human resources.
  24. Q&A: PHR — Professional in Human Resource? This site is filled with user questions that seem to be answered by other users. Scroll down to find more questions about human resources education and career choices.
  25. Questions to ask during HR interview offers a different take on the HR interview…from the job applicant’s perspective. Questions here include “How soon are you looking to fill this position,” and “Is there a structured career path at this company”.
  26. University of Toronto’s Career Center asks, “What could I do with a degree in industrial relations and human resources?” [PDF] Other questions include where previous graduates worked and answers about further resources in finding jobs and developing skills for this career.
  27. upstartHR is a site created by Ben Eubanks that poses a question at this link; however, the entire site is filled with answers to questions posed by entry-level HR and seasoned veterans.

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