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Your decision to climb the human resources career ladder is a competitive move, but your job choice might be mitigated by the vast amount of work provided within this field. You might be satisfied working in a corporate environment, or you might strike out on your own as a consultant if you have a higher degree in this field. From recruitment to employment law and from leadership development to career moves, HR covers the gamut.

The top 50 human resources blogs listed below can help you stay up to speed in today’s HR environment. These blogs were chosen for their popularity as well as for their recent updates. They are listed alphabetically within each category.

Human ResourcesHR Basics

  1. Diggings: This blog is about recruitment advertising, media, publishing, HR, work, and technology, among other things.
  2. Evil HR Lady: Send your HR questions to the Evil HR Lady. No, she won’t bite your head off.
  3. HRM Business Practices and Notes: Learn about the required set of management and leadership skills based on sound business principles before you can effectively manage.
  4. Human Resources Blog: Read articles, latch onto free sample policies and other resources for people who work in HR or who manage or lead people.
  5. Michael Specht: This blog looks at technology, enterprise 2.0, management, HR and recruitment.
  6. Mister HR’s Blog: OperationsInc, an HR outsourcing and consulting company, provides a blog that focuses on HR-related information.
  7. People Platform HR: This is a “let’s get practical” approach to HR, where form and skill count.
  8. Punk Rock HR: Although this site was acquired by in 2009, this did not change Laurie Ruettimann’s unorthodox approach to the workplace.
  9. Rehaul: Lance Haun rethinks the ways people and business react in this blog.
  10. Renegade HR: Renegade HR uses a simple approach to human resources: Hire great people and help them do amazing things that drive your business.
  11. Seasonal Human Resources Blog: Use this blog to learn about links, thoughts and useful tips for seasonal human resources managers.
  12. Systematic HR: This blog stays at the intersection of HR strategy and HR technology.
  13. The HR Capitalist: Kris Dunna has a strong interest in areas like recruiting and performance management, but he keeps an eye to the thousand other areas that impact HR Generalists at every level.

At workAt Work

  1. All Things Workplace: Steve Roesler teaches smart people practical ways to become extraordinary.
  2. Ask a Manager: If you believe good management is about being “normal,” then you can validate your beliefs with this blog.
  3. Authentic Organizations: This blogger is interested in the authenticity and power of the collective, of people working together.
  4. Cranky Middle Manager: The BBC, ABC and BusinessWeek Online call Cranky Middle Manager one of the best HR blogs out there.
  5. Flip Chart Fairy Tales: A former HR manager reflects on business, the world of work and the general “organizational crap that we all have to put up with in the course of our employment.”
  6. Gautam on Organizations 2.0: Guatam offers his point of view on collaborative, open and transparent organizations, work and people.
  7. HR Bartender: Sharlyn Lauby is an HR pro turned consultant. She created HR Bartender so people would have a friendly place to discuss workplace issues.
  8. HR Minion: Follow Shauna Moerke to get your fill of human resources from a minion’s point of view.
  9. Orgtheory: This blog includes a variety of scholarly perspectives on organizational practices and experiences.
  10. Work Happy Now! The Work Happy Now! blog gives tips, advice and stories that help any employee or CEO improve their work environment.
  11. Workplace Learning Today: is a group effort by senior Brandon Hall Research analysts to provide readers with a daily summary of news, events, commentary, and research on all aspects of workplace learning.


  1. Commentary by Michael Wade on leadership, ethics, management and life.
  2. Great Leadership: This blog offers opinions and information on
  3. leadership and leadership development.
  4. Leading Blog: This blog covers everything regarding leadership, from books to visionaries.
  5. Simply Lisa: Lisa Rosendahl is an HR leader with over 15 years of professional HR experience in public, private and government organizations.
  6. The Engaging Brand Blog: Engaging people internally and externally with your brand is so important and this blogger loves helping people find innovative ways of engaging people.

CareersCareer Moves

  1. A Different Kind of Work: Learn how to realize your full potential, wherever and however that may be, through this blog.
  2. Brazen Careerist: Learn that you’re not alone when you get to that intersection of work and life.
  3. Chief Happiness Officer: Alex Kjerulf is author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5, because you need to love what you do for a living.
  4. Experiments in Lifestyle Design: Tim Ferriss is best known for his book, The 4-Hour Workweek. Learn more about his lifestyle design at his blog.
  5. Jibber Jobber: The Jibber Jobber blog talks about how to manage a job search and optimize your network relationships for the life of your career.


  1. ERE: You can find recruiting intelligence and community at this blog.
  2. HR Tests – Recruitment, assessment, and personnel selection: Learn about the science and practice of matching employer needs with individual talents.
  3. Jon Ingham’s Strategic HCM Blog: HCM is a new name for HR. It is also much more than just a ‘decision science’ focused on measurement and benchmarking. Learn more at this blog.
  4. Recruitment Views: Learn about recruitment, social media and more from this recruitment consultant.
  5. SixDegrees from Dave: Dave Mendoza is recognized for his expertise in the integration of sourcing methodologies, employment branding and recruitment techniques.
  6. The Recruiters Lounge: Follow this blog for information about recruiting conferences, job search tips and rants and commentary.
  7. The Talent Buzz: The Talent Buzz is an online news and information channel for the recruiting and human resources community.

LawHR Law and Compensation

  1. Compensation Force: Practical news, information, tips and musings about employee performance and compensation.
  2. George’s Employment Blawg: George Lenard has over twenty years of experience in all aspects of labor and employment law.
  3. OFCCP Blog Spot: This blog provides a source for the latest news and regulatory information in the EEO/Affirmative Action field.
  4. SafetyAtWorkBlog: Kevin Jones covers news about work safety as well as issues that any HR or employer might want to learn.
  5. The Employment Law Post: The blogs located on this site cover a wide range of employment law issues, human resources best practices and news that affects businesses.
  6. Today’s Workplace: Learn about the latest developments in workplace rights and employment law, written by Paula Brantner, Executive Director of Workplace Fairness.
  7. Worker’s Comp Insider: Count on this blog to learn more about workers’ compensation, risk management and more.
  8. Workplace Prof Blog: Richard Bales, law professor and associate dean of faculty at Northern KY University, offers this blog on workplace law.

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